Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash
Photo by Mia Domenico on Unsplash


I am a documentary style family and portrait photographer in the Wellington, Paarl area in the Western Cape of South Africa.

I grew up with barefoot days spent on the banks of the Orange River 20km from a small town called Prieska in the Norhern Cape. Running riot with my siblings, sleeping under the stars on hot summer nights, and hiking through the mountains on the family farm in search of great castles and magical waterfalls...

My love for the creative started at a very young age; painting, sculpture, sewing, design and of course, photography. Taking extracurricular sculpture classes at Studio Visio Art School, under the guided eye of Barend Grobbelaar, talented SA artist, mentor and sculptor, kept art in my life while studying Business and Marketing at the North-West University

In 2013, I embarked on an adventure, said goodbye to a corporate career, flew halfway around the world to England and enrolled as a student at the Arts University Bournemouth. I completed the foundation course in Arts & Design (Photography) and, proudly, walked away with the Pathway Prize for Exceptional Documentary Piece at the end of that year.  Oh yes, and I also published a book, Echoes, as part of the final exhibition. 

I've attempted many different careers, but none have grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into a field with so many challenges, learning opportunities and possibilities.

I find joy in;

Drinking coffee, a lot of it.  I can't cope without the stuff.  

Adventure, however mundane.

Music! If it's live, it's better.


Traveling! The excitement of getting to explore new countries, cultures, food and wine.  My latest love is Africa.  It's calling me.

Ordinary things.  Waves crashing against the sand, the whispering wind through the leaves of forest trees or shapes and shadows thrown across a surface by architecture paired with the perfect time of day.

But most of all, I find joy in the faces of people, enjoying my work!